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Alahyo Young
Research/Grants & Program Development Advisor

Alahyo Young joined the AMX team in the fall of 2013.  With a background in Cultural Anthropology and a previous community-based health research professional, Alahyo serves the team in research support and operations capacity. Most recently, she has begun a graduate research degree program in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Morgan State University where she is continuing research on urban Black America. Alahyo also has a deep interest in African cultural traditions and the Diaspora. She hopes to secure a fellowship at the University of Ghana, Legon in the future as she moves forward with A Matter of Xpression (AMX).

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    Under minimal supervision by the Primary Investigator Alahyo functioned as the Chief Operations Officer in all aspects of the research process.  Alahyo served as project coordinator, including but not limited to data management and dissemination for the Norristown Area Preschool and Pediatric Survey funded by the University of Pennsylvania Center for Public Health Initiatives. ( Appointed by Lansdowne Borough Council, Alayho organizes activities and educational outreach in the Lansdowne community around themes that are congruent with the Borough's anti-discrimination ordinance.      

  Most recently, Alahyo has been slated to head the research component of the Borough’s Immigrant Community Initiative. Alahyo makes all that AMX involves itself in much easier in her meticulous capacity to approach all official business and other needs to the forefront of the team.           Alahyo serves children in her community as a homeschool educator. She is mother to one son.

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