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Samuel Bentum
Global Liaison & CAO

Samuel is a husband, father, teacher, executive partner and Global Liaison of A Matter of Xpression. Samuel has served the Ghanaian Education System for the past 16 years. Presently, he teaches mathematics in the Philadelphia School District at Horace Furness High School. Formerly, he taught mathematics at the Archbishop Porter Girls’ Secondary School (APGSS). Students fondly called him “BT” because he earned the coveted Best Teacher status several times over the years. While at APGSS, he served his colleagues and the administration as their Timetable Master, Form Master, and Dining Hall Master. 

Samuel formerly served as a sports teacher of both Pershie and Jira Akyinim Junior High School. Samuel's athletic skills have not gone unnoticed in several places he served or was employed; he was Volleyball trainer in the district of Komenda Edina Eguafo Abraim. Bentum, for his country in Central and Western Regions, 

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continuously has been chosen as Electorate Poling Assistant, and functioned twice in the country's census service. As a volunteer in Cup of African Nations (CAN) 2008, he was the transport liaison providing visiting dignitaries much needed transportation linkage and other necessary provisions. Most recently, Samuel joined and is working with a team of educators in America, Indonesia and Ghana writing a proposal on global greenhouse effects while performing various duties necessary for the success of the team. Currently, he has been the motivating influence of the book drive donations from America to Ghana. In his Global Liaison capacity, he is the sole associate connecting and meeting with African shippers at the dock; the various recipient schools, and the transporting of resources bringing ease to the supply donation process from the United States. Samuel continues to enjoy classroom teaching and looks forward to assisting several Ghanaian secondary schools to increase their capacity in technology. He, along with his Ghanaian teacher colleagues continues to provide links to globalizing classrooms in literature expanding others' technology knowledge, resources, and equipment from which he was able to make successful the first-ever global read classroom a huge success. Known to many as "Kobii," he brings a wealth of trustworthiness, calm, determination and endurance to the AMX team, qualities the organization must have in order to be successful.

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