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Christian Dedjoe-Djokotoe
Logistics & Fiscal Operations

Christian Dedjoe-Djokotoe has been in knowledge development for the past decade as a professional teacher. Within this period, Christian has had a series of professional highlights and insights that have broadened his scope of knowledge applicable not only in the classroom, but also in many other fields of professional employment. Amongst these highlights is his participation in the US Department of State, Educational and Cultural division sponsored Teaching Excellence Achievement Program (TEA) 2010 in US. Christian was assigned to collaboration with Georgia State University. While in Atlanta, he fulfilled an Internship at John May High School. This opportunity opened many doors for him and his school affiliation.

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Christian serves the TEA program in Ghana as Host for many teachers who come to Ghana in the US Teachers For Global Classrooms program. Christian produces all the arrangements for visiting teachers assigned to schools in Takoradi, Western Region. More specifically, his tenure at Archbishop Porter Girls' Secondary School (APGSS) has led the pathways for AMX to have advanced. At APGSS, Christian taught students Economics, but also served as Entertainment Master, Coordinator of Clubs and Organizations and later became Director of Studies. Given all of his duties at APGSS, Christian served as a tutor for Greater Heights School in Fijai, Takoradi. Students and teachers there both welcomed his professionalism and expertise in his contributions to their education community.     

Christian has always been a resource person at various programs in Ghana and is most famous for his role in Conflict and Resolution management.  He has participated in a number of training programs for Leadership and Organizational improvement skills relevant for both the academic and corporate world. Currently, Christian has taken his talent and commitment to education service to the new and second campus of Methodist Senior High School (MESEC), where he has been assigned to serve students and staff in the prestigious role of Assistant Headmaster. We are sure to watch this campus grow with Christian in this leadership role. We are more than pleased to have Christian a part of the AMX Team in the above stated capacity. Christian has a wife and three daughters whom he supports in all that they do to better themselves and their community. Christian is an asset to the AMX Team.

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